“I write adventure stories about Jenn Watson, an ordinary person who, with her husband, Bill, inadvertently often finds herself in circumstances that are unusual, yet could confront anyone. She is often at the wrong place at the wrong time, threatened with life or death circumstances, and yet rises to the occasion. My stories are written to captivate readers with crisp dialog, engaging narrative, strong characters, and unique, exotic locations."

Ronald von Freymann

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The Jewelry Hunter Series

Avalon Bay

The Jewelry Hunter series is set in Avalon on the legendary island of Catalina, twenty six miles from mainland California. The idea for Avalon Bay was the confluence...

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Ronald von Freymann

Avalon Bay

The heart and soul of the West Point Cadet Prayer, "...always choose the harder right over the easier wrong..." permeates my soul, my life and the protagonists in my writing.

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